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Fountain Pens of Japan

By Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami

ISBN 978-0-9571723-8-8

Publisher: Andreas Lambrou Publishers Ltd.

Publishing Year: 2012

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Hard Cover

Book Dimensions: 23X31.5 cm

448 Pages




The fountain pen whether vintage or contemporary, for writing letters or signing documents, or even a collector's item remains the pinnacle of all quality writing instruments. The transmission of thoughts and emotions through the handwritten word using a fountain pen is still widely appreciated and valued throughout the world.
Following on from the classic work Fountain Pens, United States of America and United Kingdom by Andreas Lambrou comes the latest, long-awaited and magnificent publication, Fountain Pens of Japan. This is the fruit of a long-established and positive working relationship between Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami, a highly respected author on fountain pens and one of Japan's premier pen collectors.
Japanese fountain pen manufacturers are relatively few in number, but the variety of styles and surface decorations they employ makes this new book exceptionally colorful and informative. The continuing popularity of traditional Japanese maki-e decoration techniques in all parts of the world has led to a proliferation of highly decorative and collectable products from the main manufacturers. The historic links between Japanese/Chinese characters and brush pen use make Japanese fountain pen of special significance in Japan. The good varieties of nib style available make Japanese fountain pens even more interesting for users and collectors alike.
Andreas and Masamichi have excelled in the detailed research required for such a publication and have skillfully brought together all the information and images from contacts and sources around the globe. This reference book will undoubtedly be a valuable source of information for pen lovers everywhere.
Thanks to all the contributors, whose valued co-operation and assistance made this important publication possible.

Yoshinobu Akiyama
General Manager
Sailor Pen International



Thanks to Tsachi Mitsenmacher for his cooperation.



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