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William Mitchell
By unknown

The Leadhead's Pencil Blog (2)
By Jonathan A. Veley

50 Years of the Dinkie 1922 to 1972
By Andy Russel

The Leadhead's Pencil Blog (3)
By Jonathan A. Veley

By Richard F. Binder

Animal Design on Pens
By Regina Martini

The Leadhead's Pencil Blog (1)
By Jonathan A. Veley

By Letizia Jacopini

American Writing Instrument Trademarks 1870-1953
By Jonathan A. Veley

The Pencil Perfect
By Caroline Weaver

Italian Fountain pens
By Paolo E. Demuro

Onoto the Pen
By Stephen Hull

The Richardspens Guide to Fountain Pens
By Richard F. Binder

Enjoing Your Parker 51
By Dr. Jim marshal with Jeremy Collingridge

The Richardspens Guide to Fountain Pens
By Richard F. Binder

John Sheldon
By Brian George

Les Object d' Ecriture
By Joha Victor et Theo Fraisse

Collectible Stars I
By Jens Rosler, Stefan Wallrafen

American Writing Instruments Patents 1799-1910
By Jonathan A. Veley

Collecting Old Writing Equipment
By Jim Marshall

Montblanc Pens Made in Spain
By Jesus Martinez Guillen

The Social Life of Ink
By Ted Bishop

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By F.H. Bridges
1930   Hard Cover
"There is always a tinge of regret in the work of trade journalism. The work is so ephemeral. Even men who write for journals like our own put their best into their job. What they write is often the accu...

Use & Care of Drawing InstrumentsUse & Care of Drawing Instruments
By Non
1930   Soft Cover
"The Purpose of Drawing is to indicate the form and size of an object and to give such information about it as to convey the ideas of the Engineer or Designer to the man who is to use the drawing. The form...

The Song Of The Ideal Pen (a reprint)The Song Of The Ideal Pen (a reprint)
Music By Peter Knight (age 12)
By Peter Knight
1930   Soft Cover

Life Story Of  W.A. SheafferLife Story Of W.A. Sheaffer
By W.A. Sheaffer
193?   Hard Cover
“as I was reading an ad one night of Jules Axt, a druggist (who later was one of our vice presidents for many years) featuring the Conklin pen which had a hump or a crescent on one side, I was impressed with th...

Wahl-Evergharp 1929 Catalog (a reprint)Wahl-Evergharp 1929 Catalog (a reprint)
Personal-Point fountain pens fountain pen desk sets - pencils red top leads

1929   Soft Cover

Socially Correct CorrespondenceSocially Correct Correspondence
By H. Hallaway
1929   Soft Cover
“Our Millions of Friends All Over the World In presenting with our compliments this little treatise upon Socially Correct Correspondence, we bring to you in compact and convenient form for permanent referenc...

The Story Your Ink Bottle Tells (a reprint)The Story Your Ink Bottle Tells (a reprint)
By Unknown
1928   Soft Cover

The Life of Henry StephensThe Life of Henry Stephens
E.R.C.S. 1796 - 1864
By Martha Walsh
1925 ?   Soft Cover

Three Lecturettes (a reprint)Three Lecturettes (a reprint)
Given at Stationers Hall 13 March 1925
By Henry Hill William Mitchell L.J.Sloan
1925    Soft Cover

Waterman's Ideal Fountain PenWaterman's Ideal Fountain Pen
By Non
1925   Hard Cover

Nr. 18
By Fr. Wilh. Dahlmann
1924   Soft Cover
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