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Philip Poole 6 October 1909 - 23 February 1999

ISBN non

Publisher: The Writing Equipement Society

Publishing Year: 1999

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Soft Cover

Book Dimensions: 21x29.6 cm

12 Pages



"This supplement to the Writing Equipment Society's Journal No. 55 is a tribute to the life and work of Philip Poole first Chairman and, latterly, Honorary President of the Society.
It was thought appropriate that a cross-section of our membership should record their thoughts, something of their relationship with Philip, what they knew of him and what he meant to them. Those who have written were delighted to be asked and responded immediately. Editing has been restricted to surface detail what different people wanted to say about Philip in their different ways, has been left intact. At a result, the reader will detect some repetition. That repetition sends out strong messages about Philip's character all of which I recognize.
Savour the pages and, if you were privileged to have known Philip, I am perfectly sure that your thoughts will be led along a very familiar path. If you were not lucky enough to have known him, take a walk with us along Sicilian Avenue, Drury Lane and Great Russell Street.
You will enjoy the tour.

Michael Woods,
Journal Editor



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