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Machberet ("a notebook" in Hebrew)

By Israel Ben-Sinai, Haim Grossman, Hagai Marom

ISBN none

Publisher: Marom

Publishing Year: 2012

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: Hebrew

Book Format: Soft Cover

Book Dimensions: 16.1X20.1 cm

72 Pages



From the collector (a translation)

I became interested in pens and writing instruments as a teenager. The hobby quickly grew. At first my main interest was in fountain pens, subsequently I focused my search and collection around "writing" pens; high level Israel made pens.
While strolling along several second hand markets I came across notebooks and other writing instruments that were made in Israel. It was here that my two main interests connected - pens and Israeli products. I found several unique objects, such as a device that connected pages together without the use of stapling pins, it has been documented and photographed and appears in this booklet, as well as drafting sets of world class quality made by "Minerva", among other objects.
In this notebook you will find a small ensemble of objects meant to represent my collection that has accumulated over many years. The search, collecting, sorting and the connections that I have created with collectors and experts has brought me much joy.
I would like to thank Dr. Haim Grossman and Tamar Talisman for their encouragement over the years, the information they have given me as well as their initiative and hard work preparing this notebook. I would also like to thank the designer Hagai Marom for his execution.

Israel Ben-Sinai
Hanukah, 2011

Israel's Store (a translation)
Not so long ago, when we still walked to school with pride (for the most part), we did our best to come equipped in all the paraphernalia needed to do our parents proud. Armed with a straight back; as straight as our heavy strapped backpack allowed, our hair flapping in the wind and a fierce look on our faces, we marched to school. There we inevitably ran into Yoela – the girl, the pigtails the freckles and most importantly her new beautifully equipped schoolbag. No matter how hard we tried, there was just no beating Yoela's bag. A brown bag, naturally it was new, and inside of it plenty of notebooks and books meticulously wrapped in a myriad of colorful wrapping paper. Each sticker in its place, stuck on and proudly scripted, each subject clearly marked – a pleasure. And the pencil box? Devine, a celebration, a multi level wooden pencil box filled with the best available: a pencil and eraser, a silver metal sharpener, new pens made by Globus and Rolex, color pencils and crayons. The bag was also filled with rulers, dials, markers and napkins (for lunch time, what else?). Everything was there, nothing missing.
The years pasted and we grew up, leaving those days behind us. That is, until one day we stepped into "Israel's Store". Bags filled to the brim with yesteryears notebooks, many plastic boxes with pencils and crayons, bags with dials and bundles of rulers, Pens and ink wells, boxes of chalk and piles of erasers. Suddenly we were back at school and it seemed as if Yoela would appear from behind the store room door. Alas, we didn’t see Yoela, but everything else was there. We stormed the loot, sorting, photographing, writing and designing a sort of "beautiful notebook". A notebook which is a store, that is a collection, which is a memory and a longing for the olden days of tasteful writing and schooling instruments available here and now.



A lovely booklet about writing equipment. English version at:



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