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The "All American" Art

By unknown

ISBN non

Publisher: Higgins Ink Co., Inc.

Publishing Year: 1944 ?

1St Edition

Tenth Print

Language: English

Book Format: Soft Cover

Book Dimensions: 21.4X27cm

63 Pages



“The following pages tell the story of cartooning in a manner which we believe should be interesting to all. This includes the reader who is active minded enough to delve into this popular art through curiosity and a desire to stay abreast of the times as well as the student cartoonist and teacher seeking an answer to the increasing demand for cartoon courses.

The book was prepared and written by Bert Cholet, our Advertising Manager, and the lesson plans illustrated by David Icove, Cartoonist and Illustrator. Mr. Cholet is also the author of “Techniques”. “Script and Manuscript” and “Higgins Arts and Crafts Projects”.

“The All American Art” was written to fill a definite need, that of a low cost which would help to break down the barriers of thoughts still cherished by some individuals against cartooning as an art. It is also designed to bring joy to millions who do not have the opportunity to attend schools or libraries where they may learn more about cartooning.

We believe “The All American Art” serves its purpose admirably in that it condenses into so few pages a brief description of a field with many approaches. We believe “The All American Art” will stimulate the thinking of any reader. If the layman reader, after reviewing the following pages, enjoys a new vision of American cartooning and its great contribution to present day living we shall indeed feel the book is success.”



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