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The Sheaffer Guide to Hanwriting & Lettering Style

By Various

ISBN non

Publisher: Sheaffer Pen

Publishing Year: 1983

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Soft Cover

Book Dimensions: 9.7X15.3 cm

96 Pages



"Almost as if in response to the age of communication technology we now live in, the last few years have seen a widespread re-awakening of interest in the art of handwriting.

Graphologists claim that handwriting s almost as good as fingerprints when it comes to distinguishing one individual from another, and so it seems that the individuality and freedom of expression implicit in the craft of penmanship are waging their own counter revolution, against the faceless, featureless typewriter, microchip and word processor.

Individuality is needed a keynote of “The sheaffer Guide to Handwriting and Lettering Styles”. Handwriting is such a personal act of expression, with so many different basic styles, that it is unreasonable to expect any one person to be an authority on all of them. Consequently, unlike other books of this subject, we have sought the advice and expertise of several noted practitioners in penmanship, each of whom has written about those aspects of handwriting and lettering for which he or she is professionally recognized.

We have not, however, attempted to establish a definitive textbook of rules, but rather to provide an introduction to handwriting as a craft, with some practical guidelines for those wishing to write more attractively.

David N. Jones"



Thanks to Gary Marshall for his cooperation!



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