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Inadequancies of writing instrument design and manufacture

including checks on nibs and writing performance

By Geoff Roe

ISBN 0-952-9867-1-x

Publisher: The author

Publishing Year: 2004

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Soft Cover

Book Dimensions: 14.8x21.5 cm

18 Pages



“Whenever I buy a pen, I usually end up (i) taking it back for replacement, (ii) asking for a refund, (iii) being very disappointed with it, or some combination of these. Why is it that the sales staff seem to hide when they see me approach ? For a long time I thought that perhaps I was just too hard to please, and that all I had to do was try several samples and pick the best. But them I started asking others about their experiences, and found dealers saying: “Yes, we do have to send a lot back”, or: “We don’t stock that make any more – too many problems”. Then WES members would admit: “I did buy a new ABC, but it never wrote properly – I prefer to use my 1930’s XYZ”. It all reminded me of a comment some years ago from a senior development engineer at one of the big pen companies, who explained: “Well, most pens are for gifts, and will never be used””.



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