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Antique Typewriters & Office Collectibles

Identification & Value Guide

By Darryl Rehr

ISBN 0-89145-757-7

Publisher: Collector Books

Publishing Year: 1997

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Soft Cover

Book Dimensions: 21.5x28 cm

173 Pages



"Antique Typewriters and Office Collectibles is intended to be an identification guide, offering a broad view of historical typewriters for anyone who is interested. Specifically, it tries to teach readers how to talk to typewriter collectors about the details of machines which may otherwise seem impossible to describe.
Those who should read this book include:

People who own old typewriters (and may want to sell them)
Using the pictorial guides, this book will allow you to properly identify what you have in terms that collectors can understand. Information in the appendices will show you how to describe a typewriter’s condition to potential collector-buyers and how to ship the machine safely.

Dealers who occasionally have old typewriters
There are thousands and thousands of collectible typewriters in circulation. The vast majority of dealers who encounter then have no idea what to do with them. The numerous photos in this book will allow you to recognize good machines when they come to you, learn the differences among models, and distinguish those that merely “seem” valuable from those that actually are valuable. This book should remain as a handy reference on your shelf, intended to be quickly consulted when old typewriters are offered to you.

People who are curious about old typewriters
Anyone who has ever enjoyed pounding away on a classic machine can be forgiven for being fascinated with them. The incredible variety in historical typewriters is enough to amaze anyone, and this book gives you a wide ranging look at many of the best. You get a quick history lesson, too.

Typewriter Collectors
The brief summary of typewriter history in this book does not attempt to comprehensively retell the typewriter’s past, since that is already covered in order works. However, this is the first time such a large collection of historical photos has been seen in color. For that reason alone, this book has a place on every collector’s shelf. The emphasis on differences among models will also be helpful to many collectors who want to fine tune their own knowledge of the field."



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