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The white book
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Writing History

150 Years of the A.T. Cross Company

By Barbara Lambert

ISBN Cross_Writing_History

Publisher: A.T. Cross Company

Publishing Year: 1996

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Hard Cover

Book Dimensions: 31.5x22.2 cm



“THE A.T. CROSS COMPANY, the oldest extant manufacturer of writing instruments, is an extraordinary from that has designed and produced writing instruments of superior workmanship for more than 150 years. 1ts enormous success in the market-place attests to the practicality, durability, and appeal of its products in the fields of jewelry, writing instruments, and gift products. Writing History is a complete is a complete history of this company. Copiously illustrated in full color, it visually documents the company’s extensive line of writing instruments and the people and places that have shaped them.
This is no ordinary corporate history. It is also a history of American industry from the early Industrial Revolution through the electronic era. Relying almost exclusively on eye-witness accounts, Writing History traces the development of the products, the company, and its founders and key figures, placing them in the technological, social and economic contexts of their times. It documents how the two enterprising and inventive families that have owned and managed this business developed it from a cottage industry into one of America’s major mid-sized manufacturers.”



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