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Invito al collezionismo

By Pino Traini

ISBN 88-7827-0938

Publisher: Edizioni Bolis

Publishing Year: 1998

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: Italian

Book Format: Hard Cover

Book Dimensions: 24.5x29 cm

165 Pages



"It was, obviously, a dark and stormy night; misterious events and forces (there’s neither an interesting movie, there’s nothing interesting on TV, and by the way , we have no television!!!) were starting their conspiration to force dad & mom Traini to do a thing that (they were unaware, and how they should be able to know???) should have had deeply affected the whole world; after then, nothing could have be the same…
Mr. Pino Traini, aka "Pinot", born in the dark and cold north of Italy on 1951, immediately starting to interest himself in Fountain pens; but being joung and bold (and somewhat distracted), he realized this just about 28 years later.
As probably almost all collectors early did, he too collected, rather than pens , errors junkies and shamefully overpriced pieces such current LEs, then decided to focus himself in collecting Lifetime Sheaffer (Flat top and Balance), and until now his collection has grown to about 250 fine pieces; so if you think today’s Sheaffer Senior oversize "mint" are scarce and too high priced, now you know the reason.
In the meantime Pinot discovered also the fascinating Parker Duofold world, and obviously falled in love first with the "Mandarin Yellow", but also when he’s been able to find a "mint condition" set, he did not stopped his search, and his Duofold family now counts about 200 different pieces, green jade, lapis blue, a "Black Giant" and a bunch of "Big Red", mostly mint and with "giant imprint"; again, if today you’re unable to find a mandarin set in decent condition, he’s the guilty. His search in the pen world is endless and, sadly for the rest of us, usually successful, and if front of (or behind) a rare or nice piece his heart and pulse rise up, probably to balance his bank account that falls down!
This way, he’s the proud owner of rare and desiderable pieces like Aurora’s "Asterope" and "Etiopia"(this one in the rarest grey color), a Parker Giant, some Zerollos and more.
In his collection you could see pieces from Mr. H. Bouras and Cpt. Hopkins collections, at least if you’re able to persuade him to show them to you.
Some people believe Pinot is unbelievably bad-tempered; on the opposite, the crowd of his friends (seems that could even be 4 or 5) affirm that he is sweet as a puppy, tolerant and friend of the whole world; on the other hand, he consider the world as a 5 Km diameter circle centered at Seriate (BG), where he lives with his beloved Livia (she too an inveterate pen collector ) and his "babies" (and I ‘m not talking of daughters)."



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