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Victorian Pencils

Tools to Jewels

By Deborah Crosby

ISBN 0-7643-0413-5

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Publishing Year: 1998

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Hard Cover

Book Dimensions: 22X29 cm

224 Pages



“Victorian Pencils: tools to jewels is a groundbreaking study of the development of mechanical and metal cased pencils in the nineteenth century. Illustrated with over 700 color photographs, the book provides examples of the extraordinary variety of propelling pencils that were created between 1800 and 1920. Seeing the photographs of the exquisite pencils in this book, the reader will be stuck by the ingenuity of the inventors and creators of this (until now) forgotten form of decorative art.

From metal cased pencils that are elegantly practical, to “magic” pencils that are more whimsical than functional, this book follows the progress of the mechanical pencil as is evolves from a usable tool to something more akin to jewelry than to writing implements. This history of mechanical pencils also includes definitions of terms, descriptions of various mechanisms (including automatic, clutch, ever-pointed, gravity, magazine, magic, novelty, porte-crayon, telescopic, etc.), a chapter on ornamentation and surface decoration, as well as a chapter on the multitude of combinations created by nineteenth century pencil-case makers, as they were then called (pen-pencil combinations, pen-pencil-blade combinations, multi-colored pencils, pencil-rulers, pencil-button hooks, pencil-toothpick combinations, etc..

One chapter is devoted solely to the remarkable figural pencils, which continue to capture collector’s hearts.
There are pencils made in the shape of owls, pigs, pistols, shoes, mummies, pipes, snakes, bottles and many, many more objects. Information is also provided on fifty of the nineteenth century pencil-case makers, including Aikin, Lambert & Co., Edward Todd & Co. and Sampson Mordan & Co. Value ranges are also included.”



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