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Fountain Pens

History And Design

By Giorgio Dragoni & Guiseppe Fichera

ISBN 1-85149-289-5

Publisher: Antique Collectors Club

Publishing Year: 1998

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Hard Cover

Book Dimensions: 23.5X29.5 cm

191 Pages



“Amongst the many items we use on a daily basis, none has become more closely associated with the world of art, literature and social interaction than the fountain pen. The pen has proved to be the instrument that has been most closely connected with the communication of ideas through the medium of handwriting in artistic, domestic, official and business contexts. This pioneering book sets out to chronicle the reasons for this unique position of importance. It is all the more surprising that the subject has not been approached from this angle before when one considers to what extent the fountain pen has become symbolic of life today through its technical developments and design, its particular production requirements, its inherent fascination and its widespread interest for collectors. This book is intended to fill that gap thanks to contributions from experts in various related but disparate fields and to appeal to collectors as well as to a broader audience with wide interests in the history of culture. The innovative structure of the book is a particular feature: well documented and accurate historical and sociological research is followed by a select and detailed catalogue of one hundred individual but representative pens, chronicling a full century of the fountain pen. The individuality and aesthetic appeal of the fountain pen is further enhanced by the photographs, illustrations and layouts. The fountain pen remains a sought after emblem of excellence and individuality, combining practicality with beauty in this age of computer key boards and throw-away ball point pens. “



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