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Collecting Old Writing Equipment

A personal selection of desirable collectables

By Jim Marshall

ISBN 978-0-9927670-0-6

Publisher: The Pen & Pencil Gallery

Publishing Year: 2014

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Hard Cover

Book Dimensions: 17.5x25cm

292 Pages



“The book is essentially in three parts…
- The first section is about the history or story of collecting, writing and writing equipment, subjects on which many erudite and excellent books have already been written. My contribution is included to set the scene for collecting writing equipment based on the past importance of script, writing tools and the evolving of collecting.
- The second section commences with the process of collecting, from a spontaneous urge to more practical aspects of sourcing and buying. It emphasizes the importance of knowledge and illustrates the potential range of opportunity with some assembled collections.
- The third section is the meat of the book and hopefully communicates the fun and pleasure of collecting with illustrations and anecdotes about some of the best and most interesting pieces that I have owned.
My aim is a book to dip into and read a few pages or alternatively refer to the contents or index and browse. I also hope you will be curious about some of the internet sites we have included.
I am a staunch promoter of printed books but there are times when the internet is a wonderful accessory to enhance the enjoyment of our subject…
My use of the internet with this book is primarily to refer to additional information and working notes. First, I have included a more comprehensive bibliography on our website. Second, during the compilation of this book there were times when I was diverted to write about aspects of collecting writing equipment which did not justify printed pages – so I opted to web notes. Finally, I requested help from friends about collecting in countries other than the UK and I extracted from their notes. The originals contained detail, which might be useful to enthusiasts; these were included. “



There are only 300 Limited Editions of this book being printed and the profit from the book is being donated to Cumbrian Cerberal Palsy.



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