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The Remarkable Writing Machine

By Carol H. Behrman

ISBN 0-671-34026-3

Publisher: Julian Messner

Publishing Year: 1981

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Hard Cover

Book Dimensions: 16.8x22 cm

64 Pages



"From the first recorded patent of a crude writhing machine in 1714 to the highly complex word processors of today, the typewriter has a fascinating history. You’ll read about all the fits and starts of the various inventions – a typewriter operated by fool-pedal, one that has a sign that popped out indicating “The line is finishes”, and another the size of a baby grand piano. The famous “typewriter duel” was staged to determine the best machine in 1877, and the introduction of “typewriter maidens” changed the face of the business world. Whether manual, portable, electric, or Braille – it is an essential tool used by millions every day."



A nice basic book written for young people.



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