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Drawing Instruments


By Maya Hambly

ISBN 0-85667-341-2

Publisher: Sotheby's

Publishing Year: 1988

1St Edition

1St Print

Language: English

Book Format: Hard Cover

Book Dimensions: 19x25 cm

206 Pages



“Early drawing instruments appear increasingly in salerooms, and architects, engineers, graphic artists and cartographers have long been fascinated by the antique tools of their trade. This comprehensive historical guide, describing all the various instruments used and developed for geometrical drawing over the past 400 years, is an essential reference work for anyone connected with the preparation or appreciation of architectural or technical drawings, or for any collector of early examples. In a climate of change in the way early geometrical drawings are being looked at, a knowledge of the whole range of drawing instruments has become relevant.
Some of the basic drawing instruments in use today originated in Antiquity-ruling pens, squares, scales, dividers, compasses and rules. Additional aids were introduced from the Renaissance onwards for the purposes of drawing curves, enlarging, reducing and copying drawings, and measuring to scale. Each century intricate devices were invented to carry out specific graphic functions, and these were sometimes so complicated to use that they were never adopted. All these instruments
Provide a fascinating subject for study, and in this book they and their functions are described in detail , and their origins and development traced. Cases holding sets of instruments are of particular interest to the collector, since many survive from the early seventeenth century onwards, displaying the beauty of the workmanship.
The numerous illustrations represent the best examples of both well and lesser known European makers, on whose work the author has done much original research. A gazetteer of museums with substantial collections is included, and a select bibliography lists historic treatises, manuals and encyclopaedias from the sixteenth century and the foremost reference works of modern times.”



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