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Books About Pens
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By Letizia Jacopini

American Writing Instrument Trademarks 1870-1953
By Jonathan A. Veley

The Pencil Perfect
By Caroline Weaver

Italian Fountain pens
By Paolo E. Demuro

Onoto the Pen
By Stephen Hull

John Sheldon
By Brian George

The Richardspens Guide to Fountain Pens
By Richard F. Binder

Enjoing Your Parker 51
By Dr. Jim marshal with Jeremy Collingridge

Les Object d' Ecriture
By Joha Victor et Theo Fraisse

The Richardspens Guide to Fountain Pens
By Richard F. Binder

The Social Life of Ink
By Ted Bishop

Collecting Old Writing Equipment
By Jim Marshall

Montblanc Pens Made in Spain
By Jesus Martinez Guillen

American Writing Instruments Patents 1799-1910
By Jonathan A. Veley

By Detmar Schafer

100 Years of Sheaffer
By Various

Montblanc in Denmark 1914-1992
By Claus Holten & Poul Lund

People, Pens & Production
By Brian Jones MBE

Pen Repair
By Jim Marshall & Laurence Oldfield

Ensuring Your Collection Is Safe
By Jermy Collingridge & Graham Hogg

Parker Ball Pen Repair

The Conklin Legacy
By Alfonso Murbohigas

Disposing Of Your Collection
By Jeremy Collingridge

The Richardspens Guide to Fountain Pens

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A.A.S. Charles
Alain Chung
Alan Delgano
Albertine Gaur
Alex Fortis & Antonio Vannucchi
Alexander Crum Ewing
Alfonso Murbohigas
Alfred H. Hunter
Andre mora
Andreas Lambrou
Andreas Lambrou
Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami
Anita Ganeri
Arnold Lammel, Dieter Gramm, Martin Hermersdorf
Arthur Twydle & Jim Marshal
Barbara Lambert
Barbro Garenfeld & Dietmar Geyer
Bernard Bernolet & Marc Van Der Stricht
Bernard Lyn
Bernard Robert
Bernie Zubrowski
Betty and Ted Rivera
Bill Cosby
Bonnie B. Rushlow
Brian George
Brian Jones
Brian Jones MBE
Brigitte Coppin
Bruce Bliven, Jr.
Bruno Lussato
Carol H. Behrman
Caroline Weaver
Christopher Wright
Claudia Quigley Murphy
Claudine Chevrel and others
Claus Holten & Poul Lund
Cliff and Judy Lawrence
Cliff Lawrence
Colin Roberts
Constantine Parvulesco
Crook, Hull, Marshall and Olfield
D, Shepherd, G. Hogg, D. Zazove, G. parker
Dan R. Post
Daniel Mendez
Darryl Rehr
David and Mark Shepherd
David Attwood
David Harris
David L. Moak
David L. Mohak

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