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Books About Pens
New Titles

Onoto the Pen
By Stephen Hull

John Sheldon
By Brian George

Enjoing Your Parker 51
By Dr. Jim marshal with Jeremy Collingridge

The Richardspens Guide to Fountain Pens
By Richard F. Binder

The Richardspens Guide to Fountain Pens
By Richard F. Binder

Montblanc Pens Made in Spain
By Jesus Martinez Guillen

The Social Life of Ink
By Ted Bishop

American Writing Instruments Patents 1799-1910
By Jonathan A. Veley

Collecting Old Writing Equipment
By Jim Marshall

100 Years of Sheaffer
By Various

The Conklin Legacy
By Alfonso Murbohigas

Montblanc in Denmark 1914-1992
By Claus Holten & Poul Lund

Ensuring Your Collection Is Safe
By Jermy Collingridge & Graham Hogg

People, Pens & Production
By Brian Jones MBE

By Detmar Schafer

Pen Repair
By Jim Marshall & Laurence Oldfield

Disposing Of Your Collection
By Jeremy Collingridge

Parker Ball Pen Repair

The Richardspens Guide to Fountain Pens

The KB Collection Of Pencils
By Kenneth Bull & David Shepherd

Machberet ("a notebook" in Hebrew)
By Israel Ben-Sinai, Haim Grossman, Hagai Marom

Fountain Pens of Japan
By Andreas Lambrou and Masamichi Sunami

By Gyorgy Moldova

Penol Pens and Pencils
By Joao P. Martins & Michael Miloro

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About Books About Pens
Books About Pens

This website gives me the opportunity to bring together my two loves: books and writing instruments.

My first books about writing instruments were purchased during the mid 1980’s, long before the rise of the Internet, in Philip Poole’s shop on Drury Lane, London. Philip Poole has also reprinted booklets regarding writing instruments, the most beautiful of which is “A Series of Articles ON WRITING MATERIALS from the SATURDAY MAGAZINE by an author, regrettably, anonymous & originally published in the years 1838-39 & 1834 by John William Parker, West Strand in weekly numbers price One Penny & in monthly parts price Sixpence”. And he adds “AND HUMBLY Reprinted by His Nibs Philip Poole of number 182 Drury Lane in the County of London for the Edification of the Publics Artistic taste & general Knowledge”. I do not sell books, and in creating this website my only purpose is “the Edification of the publics Artistic taste & general Knowledge”.

The site is based on my own personal library. I would appreciate any input, updates additions or corrections to the site, be it English books or books in other languages.

As for myself, my name is Uri Orland (Uri is a biblical name, father of Bezal’el, who made the artifacts of the Tabernacle).

I make my living as a Risk-Management and Insurance Consultant, in a suburb of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

My main interests in writing instruments are early filling systems as well as Reynolds ball-point pens from the 1940’s.



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